AdO has a cluster of permanent professionals holding certificates of technical responsibility for execution and implementation of projects and services.

The technical Portfolio is characterized by its staff and its technical consultants properly hired, hence AdO technical-operational and technical-professional capacities are unequivocal and have been tested.


AdO is a small effective service company, founded on the following key assets:

- Fusion of Engineering and Business Skills
- Extended Industrial B2B Experience
- Strong Managerial Analytics
- Successful Project Implementation Know-How

AdO supports Innovating Businesses towards Sustainable Growth and Development. 

AdO maintains and develops Long Term Relationships with its CLIENTS and Suppliers, based on Mutual Trust, Ownership and Loyalty. 



Solutions What we do

AdO is a Technology Supplier and Engineering Firm providing Solutions for Renewable Energy, Environmental Issues and Chemical Processes, Process Industry (Bio-based, Chemicals, Food...) and Power Industry.

Contact us when you want to...
- Innovate
- Grow/Expand your Business
- Implement Complex Projects
- Make your Process More Efficient
- Develop Renewable Energy
- Convert Energy Cost into Revenue
- Minimize your Energy Bill
- Implement Strategic Procurement


The corporate name of AdO is derived from the perfect combined framework of technical staff and adequate resources to implement the services and supply of electromechanical equipment underlying any industrial process, whether in an environmental or energy alternatives proposal or project. All the stages of these processes will be carefully matched and monitored by highly qualified technical staff who is willing to go the extra-mile to reach outstanding results.